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Sacred Geometry


– The Point

Divinity is present in every aspect of natural order and causality dimensions.

It is part of the material world through various holistic and messianic incarnations, being at the same time a component of human thought and action.

This kind of omnipresence is logical possible through the classical definition of a geometrical point, that is part of the entire space but does not occupy any of it.


– The Borromean Rings

While distinct and at the same time considered to be one in all else, the Three Divine Persons are sometimes represented by the Borromean Rings:

No two of the three rings are linked with each other, but nonetheless all three are linked.


– Harmonic Proportion

The harmonic state of an element is associated with beauty, given by the equilibrium of its components.

Nature is being perceived as beautiful, and its creator as good – inevitable and inherently in harmony with its creation.