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Hi! I am Tib Roibu, the founder of Geometry Matters. I am an aspiring polymath and being insatiable curios about geometric knowledge I found that it is rooted in all of man’s dimensions of the perception and creation of reality, thus discovering an universal geometric construct.

The research started with Geometry Matters as a Tumblr blog, in April 2013. After completing a Masters Thesis (2014) that approached the subject of “Sacred Geometry in visual design”, the research was extended into a doctoral thesis, studying “Geometric Visual Systems” (2017). Geometry Matters thus registers not only the global importance of the subject, but also my professional evolution as a reflection of my personal one as a geometer.

With other several major projects in progress, like Geometria Mundi, the subject of geometry defines itself as an indispensable tool for revealing the self from the abstract and as a tool for universal knowledge.

The geometric code of information is inherent to nature, inherent to human consciousness and is present in all perceived and created forms, in the tangible and the intangible.

And maybe a reality built under the auspices of geometry is desirable, being a discipline developed with attention along several millennia and with which the greatest minds of history have created concepts, objects, religions and even the entire universe.

And of course, as any conscious geometer, I am working on a Universal Geometric Theory that will eventually see the light of day.

Please enjoy and thank you for your support!