Where there is matter, there is geometry.

Geometry Matters
is an independent research on geometric cognition and cognitive geometry. A project that focuses on creating an editorial and academic environment for the eternal curious mind. What started as a data visualization blog, developed in time into a multi-purpose digital platform. No ads, content-oriented. Johannes Kepler’s assessment of the universal presence of geometry is our mantra. A status quo for all inquiries on how reality is built and perceived, its processes, mechanisms, and architecture.

The geometric code of information is inherent to nature, inherent to human consciousness, and is present in all perceived and created forms, in the tangible and the intangible. A reality built under the auspices of geometry is desirable, being a discipline developed with attention along several millennia and with which the greatest minds of history have created concepts, objects, religions, and even the entire universe.

– Tib Roibu, Researcher

Tib Roibu is an emergent researcher of cognitive ontology and geometric cognition with a developing background in data and philosophy of science.

He takes interest in future applications of AI in technology and academia under the auspices of avant-gardism.

In 2013 he created the Geometry Matters project,  platform that delivers a variety of resources on the topics of geometric cognition and cognitive geometry, amongst others.

With academic studies in design, his broad spectrum of interests allowed him to identify and build upon specific niches and trends in cognition, which further lead to the development of a geometric framework for cognition: The Polynons.