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Artificial Illumination



Geometric structure of crystals reflected in patterns of architectural information, phyllotactic patterns of growth to patterns of behavior. Orbital resonance of planets embedding quantum movements of bits.


Fractals of creation meant to take us further. The eternal state comes from either spiritual enlightment, either from the fusion between biological and technological.


Illumination through Artificial Intelligence.


Challenged by Alexander Manu, recognized strategic innovation practitioner and international new media guru, with the “Future is your choice” theme, Tib Roibu – founder of Geometry Matters, responded with a geometric installation entitled Artificial Illumination, an abstraction of how one can take the path of illumination by engaging with artificial intelligence and the infinite information provided by artificial and/or biological resources, rooted in geometric knowledge.

The future as ethos for design has little to do with technology; it has only to do with what we want of ourselves. – Alexander Manu


Concept of Tib Roibu

Theme by Alexander Manu

Powered by Kerrock

Made by FMSigns

Featured at Instalart/ Obiect/ 005, event part of Romanian Design Week, Bucharest, May 2017 / Cluj, Iași, Timișoara – October 2017.



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